Business Services Design and Setup

We design and set up your Business Services

Site setup

Having deep expertise of the local market and its legal requirements, we help our clients to find the right location and successfully establish the legal entity as well as setting the office environment meeting business requirements and offering an attractive working conditions for the employees. The ultimate goal is to build the Dream Office in the optimal location.

Workforce setup

Based on the business needs of the client, we help to define the effective organizational structure for the organization with the job profiles that will allow you to achieve your business goals. Through tailored employer branding campaign, supported by our effective recruitment practice we find the right candidates for the designed roles and help you to become an employer of choice in the market.

Service delivery

Using the sector deep expertise, we help our clients to define the service catalogue accompanied by the governance structure incl. SLAs and KPIs design to ensure high quality and cost optimal service delivery. To ensure business continuity, we also support creation of training, onboarding, backup and BCP plans that will enable your talents to be successful and operations secured.

Managed Services

We are offloading our clients from their non core activities by conducting several on-demand services on behalf of the client, helping them to improve their operations and reduce expenses. Under this model, the client is the entity that has direct oversight of the service being managed, whereas the managed services provider (MSP) is the service provider delivering the managed services.

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