Operations Transformations

We help you to transform your business

Current State Assessment

Understanding the current state is crucial for the Target Operating Model Design aimed at moving your organization and processes to the next level. In this critical phase, our experts design the proposed supporting functions architecture covering business processes, people/organization, service delivery model and technology. As supporting functions do not work in isolation, the alignment with linked functional processes, strategies and company’s vision is crucial.

Target Operating Model Design

We have developed a methodology based on industry best practices and our experience and we tailor it to our clients needs to arrive to an optimal proposal for the particular transition projects. The methodology includes stages from the transfer opportunity identification, through process design up to transition execution and moving operations to a stabilization phase.

Technology Architecture

In the ever-changing environment, Technology Architecture design is critical to stay ahead of the competition. With our IT heritage, we bring years of experience of understanding the most cost effective solutions for your support functions- from complex systems to simple, inexpensive or even free tools that your organization may potentially already have at its disposal.

Assess the Feasibility

With a solid knowledge of the risks and inefficiencies associated with the current setup and a shared vision of the Target Operating Model as well as technology required, we help you Assess the Feasibility of embarking on the Business Transformation journey. In this phase we help you identify the goals and benefits aligned with company’s vision and objectives

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