Talent Acquisition

We recruit, train and manage talents

Permanent Placement & Executive Search

Through our Permanent Placement practice we help you overcome the lack of professionals in the market. Deep knowledge of Business Services Sector let us source best candidates, conduct accurate interviews and assessments. We advise hiring managers to ensure you get the exact skills they need. ExS on managerial positions is definitely our strength as we know exactly what skillset is needed to boost your business.

International Sourcing

Working with an extensive and wide range of international network and national candidate database we are one of the few talent management companies with a team specifically dedicated to sourcing candidates from around the world, including top expatriate talent. The workforce market is borderless and we offer it to you.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our solution helps you to source, screen, engage, hire the right talent while building business agility. Especially in a time when you are building a scalable operational teams requiring additional efforts from Talent Acquisition function. We provide complex services and business infrastructure including staffing placement for the companies we incorporate. Let us handle your workforce challenges with a satisfaction guarantee. We will find the right tools and industry expertise to optimize your recruitment process to your satisfaction.

Benchmarking & Talent Tailoring

The right location strategy is a key element of your business success. Accurate total reward benchmark will determinate your success as preferable employer and strengthen your employees’ value proposition. We help companies to implement and dedicate the right Total Reward package to right talents to boost their engagement and develop core competencies. Our career experts support you in designing accurate skillsets of your colleagues to grow your business.

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