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iSourceTec is an official ambassador and champion for RESQL – we predominantly focus on promoting it among the companies of the business services sector in Poland.

What is RESQL

RESQL is an innovative system supporting schools in solving the problem of peer violence. It was developed in conjunction with members of the school community (students, teachers, principals and parents), based on the results of a thorough research conducted by the SWPS University scientists.

RESQL is dedicated to children from grade 5-6th of primary school until the end of secondary school.

RESQL system is based around a mobile phone app (iOS, Android) for students and a web portal for intervention teachers. RESQL enables anonymous and "student-friendly" reporting of disturbing or threatening behavior of other students or adults.

The development of the RESQL app and the solutions that it offers was preceded by thorough research; analysis of programs already functioning in schools, and pilots conducted in primary and secondary schools. Throughout 2019 and 2020 a team of psychologists and educators from the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities conducted a pilot program of lessons on peer-to-peer violence. On the back of this pilot, a set of lessons were prepared on topics such as relational violence; cyberbullying; responding to violence and the role of witnesses; conflicts and their resolution and social morality. The development of solutions included in the RESQL app was also preceded by interviews with teachers, students and parents. Initial solutions were tested during workshops with teachers, principals and students, , corrections were introduced and ideas were adapted to the expectations of users. All of that led to the preparation of the RESQL app for the student and a separate web portal for the teacher responsible for accepting and analyzing students’ reports. There was also a dedicated solution prepared for a school head enabling them to monitor the problem of violence, and to generate reports in the form of summaries. and Analyzing of the diagnosed problems was performed together with the pedagogical council.


RESQL is a tool that helps to prevent and solve problems related to peer conflicts and violence in schools – it provides a safe way to report disturbing behaviors to adults, and gives adults the opportunity to react quickly and to prevent escalation of emerging problems related to aggression in schools.

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Who is RESQL aimed at

RESQL is aimed at public and private primary and secondary schools. It is possible to implement RESQL on a wider scale and to expand it with additional functionalities, including for example tasks and advice for students.

The key social benefits of using RESQL in schools are:

  • reducing peer violence
  • improving student safety
  • counteracting serious events occurring among young people
  • reducing the barriers of communication between teachers and students

RESQL implementation in schools

RESQL is easily scalable and can be implemented in many schools. It doesn’t require a lengthy training process for those involved in the implementation, or any specialized infrastructure.

As part of the implementation, the school receives the following:

  • Peer violence lecture for the entire school staff (2h)
  • Workshop for future intervenors - including technical operation of the RESQL system (intervention panel) and substantive knowledge of what? (3h)
  • Training for educators on how to effectively and simply implement RESQL for children (1h)
  • Access to the intervention and director panel
  • A package of 11 educational lessons on peer violence with a textbook
  • Materials containing best practices and recommendations from schools that took part in implementations, research and pilot project
  • All future materials (mainly lessons) are made available to the school free of charge as part of an ongoing contract

RESQL applications can be downloaded onto a mobile device, however, to unlock it, a user must enter a unique school code which is provided to the school upon signing of the contract.

RESQL awards and recognition

  • INTARG 2020 Grand Prix Pro Society Bono award - the solution with the greatest social impact
  • INTARG 2020 Diamond Award - the best social solution
  • Innovator Mazowsza 2021 - II place, in the category of innovative company
  • Warsaw Booster 2021 - I place, the best startup