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Krzysztof Suliński
Managing Partner
+48 698 506 845

Our SwipeApp application impressed the assessors of the Bialystok Science and Technology Park, during Demo Day. We received a positive recommendation to apply for participation in the accelerator program of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

What is SwipeAPP

With the current level of unemployment, filling the labor shortage is a particularly difficult challenge for companies, however, representatives of Generation Z are often not interested in taking a job. This is shown by the growing share of people belonging to the NEET (not employment, education or training) group among representatives of the younger generation.

Generation Z, however, is a group we refer to as "Digital Native" and who are virtually 24/7 connected to the web via mobile devices - unfortunately, only 3% of companies in Poland use mobile solutions in recruitment.

SwipeApp is going to change that!


During the completed incubation process, we were able to refresh the look of our application, make integration with ATS systems, as well as create a web-based administration panel for employers! This is just a snippet of what we were able to create however, we are constantly guided by the idea of improving the User Experience (in this case, the candidate's experience in the labor market).

Users in the center of attention!

Users in our app are asked to answer a few questions and complete a profile, and then it only takes one gesture to apply for matching offers in their area.

Values for employers

Employers, thanks to cooperation with SwipeAPP, can gain access to a pool of young candidates taking their first steps in the job market, start recruiting in minutes, and present themselves in an orginal way consistent with their current employer branding strategy, thanks to the ability to add photos to job postings.

The next step for us is to analyze the results based on the application data and support employers in making their offers more attractive!

The whole thing works on a subscription model and if you would like to take part in creating the future face of recruitment then feel free to contact us -