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“iSourceTec started from passion to help our client progress and succeed with the assistance of our top Business Services leaders and business transformation experts with proven, hands on track record across the full spectrum of business processes.”

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Business transformation

  • Current state assessment
  • Target operating model design
  • Technology architecture
  • Feasibility study
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Business Services Design & Setup

  • Site setup
  • Workforce setup
  • Service delivery
  • Managed Services
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Process Excellence Deployment

  • Process mapping and knowledge management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Process standardization and simplification
  • Technology deployment and automation
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  • Opportunity identification
  • Transition program mgmt
  • Team setup
  • New process design
  • Production monitoring
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Flexible Workforce

  • Flexible placement
  • Outsourcing
  • Team extension
  • Remote work solutions
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Talent acquisition

  • Permanent placement & executive search
  • International sourcing
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Benchmarking & talent tailoring
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“There is no fast-track to a successful transformation, but companies that fulfill a comprehensive agenda through a greater number of actions, and take customers and colleagues approach rather than leaders ambition, are more likely to succeed."

Our products!

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Mobile application for reporting.
Allows you to submit, securely and anonymously, information about violations of law, also with the option of whistleblower protection.

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RESQL is an innovative system supporting schools in solving the problem of peer violence. It was developed in conjunction with members of the school community...

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SwipeAPP is an intuitive tool that allows for simple, quick and painless application with a single gesture.
The application presents only key information to the candidate,so he does not have to waste time filling out forms.

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Gig Me

A service to help students enter the job market by facilitating part-time job placement and developing competencies in the candidate's chosen field.